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How your sex life may influence endometriosis

Researchers are a step closer to understanding the risk factors associated with endometriosis thanks to a new University of Adelaide study.


Women’s faces get redder at ovulation, but human eyes can’t pick up on it

Previous studies have shown that men find female faces more attractive when the women are ovulating, but the visual clues that allow this are unclear. Now, new research investigating whether… Read More »


Study of cholesterol in cells offers clues on infertility and early puberty

Most of what we learn about cholesterol concerns its involvement in heart disease and clogging up arteries. However, the waxy, fat-like substance also plays a vital role in growth of… Read More »

Over a decade ago, we created the eIVF vision in a unique development partnership with the leading minds working in reproductive health, endocrinology and fertility research.

Much more than just an EMR system, eIVF is a customizable set of processes for providing thousands of scenario and information related solutions in fertility and reproductive medicine. Our suite of information technology solutions has evolved in response to the "real life" clinical information needs of RE practitioners, their patients and business partners.

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