Greene Guide: Mining the Latest Fertility Data

This year’s CDC/SART report shows a reduction in twin and triplet rates. With more than 1.5% of the babies born in the U.S. conceived through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), it’s time… Read More »


DNA Editing of Human Embryos Alarms Scientists

A call by scientists to halt to precision gene-editing of DNA in human embryos would allow time to work out safety and ethical issues. Amid rumors that precision gene-editing techniques… Read More »


New understanding of why chromosome errors are high in women’s eggs

A new study from the University of Southampton has provided scientists with a better understanding of why chromosome errors are high in women’s eggs. It is estimated that up to… Read More »

Over a decade ago, we created the eIVF vision in a unique development partnership with the leading minds working in reproductive health, endocrinology and fertility research.

Much more than just an EMR system, eIVF is a customizable set of processes for providing thousands of scenario and information related solutions in fertility and reproductive medicine. Our suite of information technology solutions has evolved in response to the "real life" clinical information needs of RE practitioners, their patients and business partners.

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