High-Pressure Lifestyle Damages Fertility


A new link is being suggested in the rates of increasing infertility. Dr. H. Narmada Devi, Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgeon and Fertility Specialist at Narmada Fertility Center in India, suggests that the high-pressure environment of software professionals may be related to the increasing rates of infertility.

15% of couples experience infertility problems, which can be attributed to either female (50%) or male (40%) factors. At least 5% of couples have infertility related to both parties.

Dr. Devi notes that over the last 3 years, she has witnessed an influx of software professionals in to her fertility clinic.

Dr. Devi has speculated that there are a number of factors that may explain why software professionals are experiencing high rates of infertility. She believes that men in this profession will often work from home, with a laptop computer placed on their lap. This can increase the temperature in the groin area and decrease sperm quality.

Additionally, she states that the erratic work and sleeping schedules, long hours of working, working nights, and sleeping during the days associated with IT positions adversely affect hormones.

She is optimistic about the treatment options for these patients though. Success rates for reproductive therapy average around 40%.

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