Natural Fertility Mood Foods

Need some helping getting in to the baby-making mood?  Try these aphrodisiac foods to boost your libido and natural fertility:

Researchers believe that chocolate may stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain that make you feel good.

Strawberries, almonds, garlic, avocados and figs.
Ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that foods shaped like reproductive organs increased fertility.

Known for its health benefits, asparagus was also used to treat infertility in ancient China.

Ancient Egyptians believed artichokes increased sexual attractiveness.

Believed to help treat infertility, oysters were also consumed for their similarity to reproductive organs.

Middle Easterners consume a mixture of cumin, black pepper and honey as a natural sex stimulant.

Also known as cilantro, coriander was believed to promote fertility in ancient Middle Eastern cultures.

Acai berries.  
When mixed with guarana, acai berry juice is drank to increase desirability in Brazil.

2 thoughts on “Natural Fertility Mood Foods”

  1. I cant find a food that gets me in the mood. None of the above have ever worked for me. :( I guess its always worth another try tho!

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