DuoFertility now available in the U.S.

DuoFertility is a new fertility technology designed to supplement or replace assisted reproductive technologies.  Previously only available in the UK, it was recently approved in the U.S. by the FDA for commercial distribution.

The system includes a small electronic sensor patch that can be worn under the arm.  The sensor measures the woman’s temperature and other parameters, which are then transferred to DuoFertility HQ for analysis.

The software then reports on the most fertile days for the couple over the months and confirms if ovulation occurred.

The package also includes full-time telephone access to fertility advisors for a comprehensive $795.

DuoFertility is recommended for patients suffering from unexplained infertility and mild to moderate male and female factors and boasts a pregnancy rate after six months similar to that from a cycle of IVF.

Original news article: http://mobihealthnews.com/17150/duofertility-commercially-launches-in-us-for-795/

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