A comprehensive approach to boosting fertility

Ameet Aggarwal, a naturopathic doctor, put together a comprehensive list of factors affecting male and female fertility and a number of approaches to help overcome infertility.

Here are some highlights from his recent article:


  1. Male infertility.  Typically a result of low sperm count, improper sperm structure, or poor motility.  Often caused by poor diet, excessive alcohol and drug use, emotional issues, lack of exercise, or tight clothing.  Other environmental or genetic factors could also be at play.  Nutritional supplementation with arginine, zinc and other vitamins may promote sperm health.
  2. Female infertility.  Common causes include nutritional deficiencies, blocked fallopian tubes, improper diet, emotional stress and other factors leading to hormone imbalances.  Treatments aim to improve nutrition and balance hormones. For example, diet changes to remove inflammatory foods, Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture and herbs, and Bowen therapy are all used to promote fertility.
  3. Clomid.  A fertility drug that is used to stimulate ovulation, Clomid has varying rates of success in generating pregnancies.  However, it’s reported to be up to 40% successful in promoting pregnancy.

It’s important to regulate hormone levels for both men and women.  A comprehensive approach to treating infertility should offer the greatest chance for success.  Women should be aware of any examples of hormonal imbalances such as ovarian cysts, irregular periods, breast tenderness, menstrual clotting and abdominal cramps.

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