Travel to Thailand for fertility treatments?


Japanese women are increasingly traveling abroad to receive egg donations.  The nation that has received the greatest recent influx of Japanese patients in Thailand.

From 2007-2009, the number of Japanese women receiving egg donation in Thailand was about 20 a year; this number jumped to 133 in 2010 and 231 in 2011.

There are a number of reasons that Thailand is the new hotspot for fertility procedures.  Thailand is a close neighbor to Japan, making travel cheaper.  The procedures themselves are about half the cost of the procedures being performed in the United States.

Furthermore, the healthcare is good, as many of the physicians were trained in the United States.

South Korea was once the preferred location for Japanese women for egg donation.  However, new legislation resulted in increased costs for egg transfer.

Thailand does not have any laws regarding egg donation.

Donors in Thailand are not only native Thais, but also Japanese women who travel to the country to donate.

Japanese women often travel abroad to receive fertility treatments as there are few clinics that offer the procedures and there is not system in place to facilitate egg donations.

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