6 things to know to become pregnant

Women should be aware of these 6 things before trying to conceive:

Time matters.  A woman’s biological clock doesn’t stop ticking.  Unlike men, women are born with all the reproductive cells they’ll ever have.  That means by age 35, your fertility will start to decrease.

Know your options.  Assisted reproduction therapy has progressed to offer infertile couples a number of options to conceive.  See a fertility specialist to learn what can help you.

Maintain a healthy weight.  Being either under or overweight is linked to infertility.  Ask your doctor to determine your optimal weight and aim to keep it there.

Quit smoking.  Smoking negatively affects a woman’s fertility a number of ways.  It can cause damage to the fallopian tubes and the cervix, decrease a woman’s egg supply, and age a woman’s ovaries at a faster rate.

Alleviate stress.  Stress may impede your efforts to conceive.  Try implementing daily stress-reduction techniques to help cool off.

Know the costs.  The costs associated with fertility treatment can add up quickly.  See a financial planner to help prepare for unexpected costs.

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