Why you should wait to have a baby

The trend to postpone having children has risen over the last 40 years, with an increase in the percent of births to women over the age of 35 jumping from 1% in 1970 to 14.2% in 2009.

There has been a corresponding increase in the average age a woman has her first child, up from 21.4 in 1970 to 25.2 in 2009.

This trend in increasing age for motherhood is frequently reported as a negative occurrence.  However, there are a number of benefits associated with waiting to have children:

Financial stability.  Older parents are often more financially stable than their younger counterparts.  This stability typically comes with lower stress for parents, which has a positive effect on familial relationships.

Education.  Women with more education typically spend more time interacting with their children, even if they work more hours away.

Life experience.  Women who have accomplished their career and life goals before having children may have fewer regrets.  They may even appreciate the experience of children to a greater extent.

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