Bariatric surgery may boost fertility

Overweight women trying to conceive are advised to maintain a healthy weight to boost their chances of getting pregnant.  Typically, physicians recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to control weight.

However, a new technique may be advised for women who are severely overweight.

Bariatric surgery is the name for a variety of procedures that decrease the size of the stomach, thus leading to patient weight loss.

Now, obese women are finding that the surgery may help them conceive.

Amanda Tyacke was obese most of her life, weighing over 300 lbs.  She finally decided to lose weight when she realized that it may be impeding her ability to conceive.

She initially lost 100 lbs following a gastric band procedure.  A gastric band makes the stomach feel fuller with less food.

She lost an additional 45 lbs after receiving gastric bypass surgery, a procedure that decreases the size of the stomach and decreases caloric absorption in the small intestine.

To her surprise,  Amanda became pregnant following her extreme weight loss.

Physicians don’t recommend bariatric surgery as a method to become pregnant, but the trend is increasing.

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