Fertility expert goes to court over baby-selling practice


Theresa Erickson was once recognized as an expert in reproductive medicine law.  She organized transactions between potential mothers and surrogates.  She also wrote a number of books on the field.

Erikson is now facing up to 5 years in prison due to her involvement in an international multi million dollar baby manufacturing business.

Erikson created a blackmarket system of selling babies conceived using surrogates.  She arranged for women to travel to the Ukraine to be inseminated with anonymous sperm or embryos.

The surrogates believed they were carrying a child for a couple from the United States.  However, in the second trimester Erikson would arrange a black market sale of the babies by telling customers the original parents backed out of the deal.  Some clients would pay up to $150,000 per baby.

Erikson and her colleagues were said to be professional and seemed legitimate.  However, their practice actually lead a number of vulnerable potential parents to believe a string of lies.

She has pleaded guilty to fraud and admitted to filing false insurance claims for the surrogates.  These charges carry up to a 5 year prison sentence.

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