Fertility financing offers hope to infertile couples


Couples needing costly fertility treatments such as egg donation and in vitro fertilization may be unable to undergo treatment due to their inability to afford the procedures.

IVF can run up to $15,000 and purchasing eggs through egg donation can cost upwards of $20,000.  Many couples do not have this amount of money on hand when they decide to become pregnant.

A controversial option for these couples is fertility financing.  Similar to any other type of financing, the patient takes out a loan in order to pay for fertility services.

The interest rates on these loans are usually higher than other forms of financing and are typically offered by private firms and not banks.  The financing is funded by private investors, therefore the loans are not subject to government regulation.

One controversial characteristic of the loans is the fact that the fertility doctors may have invested in the financing firms, which presents a conflict of interest when the treating physician promotes his firm.

However, many physicians are not involved in the financing process and only present financing as a option to help them cover the costs of treatment.

To be safe, patients should do their own research before choosing a financing option and not rely on a single option promoted by a fertility clinic.

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