Natural options to promote fertility

Though advanced, medical and surgical methods of treating infertility may not always be able to overcome a couples’ infertility.  In order to boost your chances of success, try these natural options to promote fertility:

Know your cycle.  Natural family planning is often a method of contraception, but can be helpful for understanding your menstrual cycle.  This technique involves checking characteristics of cervical mucus, using an electronic fertility monitor, and charting your basal temperature.  By recording this information, you may be able to identify underlying factors of infertility.

NaProTECHNOLOGY.  This method of monitoring analyzes female biomarkers to identify peak fertility.

Read “The Fertility Diet.”  This book promotes a fertility-friendly diet, including reducing the intake of refined sugars, animal proteins and trans fats, eating more whole grains, beans, vegetables and whole fruit, and drinking whole milk instead of skim to increase fertility.

Look into alternative medicine.  Acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic care and hypnotherapy have been successful for some women.  Furthermore, these practices can be complementary to modern fertility medicine and may help boost pregnancy success rates.

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