5 fertility facts

A recent article addressed 5 common fertility questions with the facts:

Positioning.  Though no specific intercourse position can guarantee conception, experts recommend a position that allows for deep penetration and maximum cervical contact to promote conception.

Male fertility.  Though women experience a sharp correlation between fertility and age, men also undergo fertility changes as they age.  As men age, the health of their sperm deteriorates, which decreases conception ability.

Timing.  Women are most fertile up to 5 days before ovulation and 1 day following ovulation.  The peak of a woman’s fertility is typically 2 days prior to ovulation.

Tight underwear.  Too-tight undies has been linked to decreased sperm count in men.  However, diet and lifestyle are stronger factors associated with fertility.

Diet.  Eating well may promote fertility.  Try to decrease your consumption of processed foods and increase fiber intake to help strengthen your fertility.

Check out the original article for more information on fertility.

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