Woman has quadruplets without IVF


Natalie and Anthony Consolo of Ogden, Utah beat the fertility odds with their natural pregnancy of quadruplets.  The odds of naturally conceiving quadruplets is 1 in nearly 572,000.

Though the odds are slim, there have been another four sets of quads born in Utah in the last 5 years.

The pregnancy will be a tough one for Natalie, with mothers of quads gaining between 40-100 lbs.  That means therapists will be setting up a bed to help her get in and out on her own.

At 31 weeks, each of the babies is approximately 3-4 pounds, the size of a singlet baby.

Natalie and the babies will be monitored closely the remainder of her pregnancy with the babies receiving daily ultrasound monitoring.

Natalie will receive an early cesarean section before 33 weeks gestation to deliver the babies, as the risks associated with this high-order multiples pregnancy are high for both mom and babies.

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