More women seeking sperm donations


Trends in fertility medicine show that more women are relying on sperm donors to conceive.

The typical woman seeking sperm donation is over the age of 35, career-oriented, and affluent.  Dr. Prakash Patel, a gynecologist and proprietor of a fertility clinic, says he’s receiving many more single women interested in sperm donations than 10 years ago.

Women are also often interested in choosing physical traits that they would like in their offspring.  For instance, using sperm donation, women can choose skin tone, hair and eye color easily, though the outcomes aren’t guaranteed.

The donors and recipients are anonymous to each other, which has lead to restrictions on the amount of offspring allowed per donor.  Dr. Patel’s clinic is limited to eight pregnancies per donor.

The process of artificial insemination is relatively simple if the woman has normal, healthy reproductive organs and hormones.

Women will typically receive a drug to induce ovulation that will release more eggs than normal.  This allows for better chances of conception.

She then undergoes insemination at her peak fertility timeframe and is tested for pregnancy 2 weeks later.

Anonymous sperm donation has lead some groups to question the practice, stating that offspring may develop emotional problems as a result of not knowing their father.

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