A woman’s fertility

Toni Nagy is an online contributor to The Huffington Post’s website.  She recently penned an article describing her outlook on her own fertility, which probably resonates with most women.

It’s unclear what motivated the personal response, but it may have had to do with the recent dialogue regarding legislation aimed at curbing the authority of businesses to choose health insurance coverage for their employees.

Toni outlines the “typical” American woman’s experience with fertility: spend your youth preventing pregnancy, then spend your adulthood worrying about whether or not you can get pregnant any more.

The essence of the article is that women spend their lives dealing with the baggage associated with fertility, including preventing it and then missing it.  All the while, men sit on the sideline with seemingly endless fertility to judge the sexuality of the woman based on her fertility.

Her argument is that since women have to deal with the intricacies of their fertility, men should not be permitted to regulate any part of a woman’s reproductive “rights.”

Check out the original article for Toni’s entire response.


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