High-fat diet linked to male infertility

Male fertility is commonly characterized by the amount and concentration of sperm in an ejaculate.

For example, a normal total sperm count would be at least 39 million and a normal sperm concentration would be at least 15 million per milliliter.

A new study has found that a diet high is “bad” fat is linked to male infertility by decreasing both sperm count and concentration.

Researchers surveyed 99 men and asked them about their typical diet.  They then followed up with sperm analyses.

The study found that men eating the highest amounts of saturated fats had 35% lower total sperm counts and 38% lower sperm concentration than men in the group who ate the least fat.

On the other hand, men who had diets with the highest intake of “good” omega-3 fats had almost 2% more sperm than men who ate the least.

Though this study is relatively small, it provides solid evidence that diet can affect male fertility.

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