ART success rates are high

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has made great progress over the past few decades.  ART has gotten so good, that birth rates by ART are comparable to pregnancy rates in the general population.

A recent study evaluated ART success rates for over 240,000 women, who jointly received 471,208 ART cycles resulting in 140,859 live births.

Researchers found that advanced maternal age and use of autologous (own) eggs were linked to lower success rates of ART.  For example, women over the age of 43 had about a 7% chance of conceiving, while women under the age of 31 had a 63% chance of success.

The use of donor eggs resulted in higher success rates, with a success rate of 60% for all age groups.

Furthermore, the use of blastocyst embryos (day of transfer 5 or 6) resulted in greater success than cleavage embryos (day of transfer 2 or 3).

Based on these data, the authors suggest that ART success can be comparable to pregnancy rates in the normal population if favorable patient and embryo characteristics exist.

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