IVF success rates increase with additional treatments

A recent study found that women undergoing IVF treatments can expect better odds by sticking it out for multiple treatments if they’re initially unsuccessful.

Of nearly 247,000 women included in the study, 57% of the women eventually had a live birth. Live births occurred in 30% of the IVF cycles.

Unfortunately,  25% of women quit after one cycle and 33% after two cycles, leaving them unable to take advantage of the potential increase in success after multiple cycles.

Age is also very important to IVF success rates.  Women under the age of 31 gave birth to a child up to 75% of the time with a third cycle, while women ages 40 to 42 had up to a 28% success rate and women over the age of 43 had up to an 11% success rate.

Women of all ages had up to an 80% success rate when using donor eggs.

These data should be encouraging to women planning on receiving IVF.  They also suggest that women should not give up after 1 or 2 failed cycles.

The results of this study also suggest that insurance companies, which may only cover 2 to 3 IVF cycles, should reconsider their coverage and extend it to 3 cycles or more.

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