Numbers of IVF treatments see a jump in older women


As the average age for first-time moms increases, another demographic is seeing an increasing trend.

Career women over the age of 40 are having IVF performed at explosive rates – over 500% higere over the last 20 years.

Data from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority show that IVF rates in 42-year-old women jumped 6-fold.  While rates for women aged 47-48 increased by a factor of eight.

Though the technology has progressed over the past two decades, experts caution women not to view IVF as a equal alternative to conceiving at a young age.

IVF rates continue to remain low for older women.  Only 12% of women aged 40-42 have success with IVF while only 1.5% of women over age 45 conceive with IVF.

Experts recommend that women in their early 30s who are planning on postponing pregnancy should freeze their eggs while they are still young in order to preserve fertility.

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