ART results in 5 million babies

Assisted reproduction technology (ART) is now mainstream medicine, with up to 5 million fertility babies born since the first one in 1978.

This number includes worldwide IVF and ICSI treatment cycles up to 2008 with estimations for the following three years.

With 5 million babies born, IVF and ICSI should be recognized as highly successful fertility treatments.

Approximately 1.5 million ART cycles are performed globally each year, resulting in 350,000 babies. The U.S. and Japan are the worldwide leaders in ART activity.

Infertility is not uncommon, with up to 1 in 6 couples affected to some degree.  It’s estimated that the global need for ART is around 1,500 cycles/million population per year.

Only a few European countries experience this level of fertility cycles though.  Costs associated with fertility treatments are largely responsible for patient access to treatment.

Success rates for a fresh embryo transfer are stable at around 32%.  As a result of high success rates, patients are now less likely to implant multiple embryos.