New biological clock App


Women are typically well-aware of their “biological clock” ticking away, if for no other reason than the constant reminding from a mother or other older woman.

But in case you aren’t tuned in to your impending infertility, the new Wonder Clock App can help you keep track.

The App uses a woman’s birth date to determine her fertility countdown to the second.

Wonder Clock was designed by Mira Kaddoura, an advertising creative director, who created the App as a way to help her deal with insecurities she felt about her own fertility.

Rather than actually function as a countdown clock, Mira hopes Wonder Clock will “open a dialogue with other women about fertility, empowerment, and loving ourselves.”

The App’s description on iTunes reads:

“It is an interactive, conceptual piece that seeks to start a necessary and empowering conversation about childbearing,”

Mira first confronted her impending infertility in her early 30’s when her doctor told her she needed to start thinking about having kids if it was something she wanted.  From that point, she felt pressure about having children.

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