Celebrities who conceived using IVF


Celebrities may seem like they have everything easy, but these famous people struggled with fertility:

Celine Dion.  It took 6 years to conceive her first son.  She then underwent 7 rounds of IVF to conceive her twin sons.

Brooke Shields.  Brooke underwent 6 rounds of IVF to conceive her daughter.

Courtney Cox.  Following several miscarriages, she conceived her daughter with IVF.

Emma Thompson.  IVF allowed her to conceive her daughter.

Gabby Logan.  She conceived her twin sons via IVF after struggling with infertility for 3 years.

Penny Lancaster.  Penny had IVF procedures performed in both the UK and US over a period of 2 years before conceiving her son.

Jane Seymour.  She wrote a book on infertility titled “Two at a Time: The Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth.”

Marcia Cross.  Marcia conceived her twins after receiving IVF.

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