Charting made simple

For women who are trying to conceive (or prevent conception) charting provides a cheap, simple method to identify peak fertility.

In its most basic form, it involves recording daily waking temperatures.  A more complex version includes recording cervix and cervical mucus characteristics.

Often called “natural family planning,” charting may be viewed as an outdated and ineffective method of birth control.

However, it’s up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, which means it must be pretty good at predicting ovulation too.

Many of the old charting methods involved pulling out graph paper and drawing a line graph to find when your temperature spikes, indicating ovulation.

However, Amanda and Kevin Kohler wanted an updated approach to charting.

Therefore, they designed their own fertility planning site, Ova Ova, which launched this past February.

The site includes an aesthetically pleasing interface that makes it simple to chart and interpret fertility signs.

Access can be purchased for $36 a year.

Though it is currently in its initial development stage, the Kohler’s aim to add options once they raise enough capital.  They predict that their first update will be a mobile version of the site.

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