Fertility affects a woman’s shopping and eating habits

Women are often slaves to their monthly hormonal cycles, ranging from happy to sad and energetic to tired.

Now, a new study has found that women can also blame shopping sprees and rich indulgences on their cycles.

Fifty-nine women were asked to keep a journal of their beauty routines, clothing choices, calorie consumption and shopping habits over a 35 day period.

The survey found that women spent the most time and money on their appearance during their peak fertility timeframe (approximately day 8 to 15 of a 28-day cycle).

Food consumption was lowest during peak fertility and highest during infertile times.

Researchers hypothesize that these fertility correlations are based on ancestral habits that led women to focus on securing a mate during peak fertility and store energy during low fertility periods.

These results may help women stay attuned to their relative shopping and eating weaknesses.


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