Experts caution against long-term laptop use

Though no scientific studies have shown that the heat from long-term use of a laptop can cause male infertility, some experts still advise caution in the practice.

Dr Clarence Yeo Sze Kin, a doctor at the Singapore Men’s Health Clinic, believes that the extreme temperature sensitivity of the testes may indicate that heat from a laptop could affect sperm production.

He pointed out that “The male reproductive organ is more suited to an environment that is 1°C lower than the body temperature. If it gets too hot, it may affect sperm activity and cause a certain level of damage.”

Scrotal hyperthermia has been linked to decreased sperm quality.  As a result, men are often advised against participating in activities that increase scrotal temperature such as long-distance biking and hot tub use.

If laptop use is found to affect male fertility, many men will need to reevaluate their habits, as a straw poll done by Shin Min Daily News found that up to 60% of men use their laptops on their laps.

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