Super-sperm donor Trent Arsenault gets personal


Trent Arsenault considers himself a professional sperm donor.  Now 26, he’s devoted his life to maintaining an abnormally high sperm count to help women conceive.

By the age of 18, he made the decision to abstain from sex in order to save himself for sperm donation.  Since then, he has fathered 16 children, that he knows of, while remaining a virgin.

He boasts a sperm count of 125 million per millilitre, which is about four times the national average.

He sticks to a strenuous routine in order to boost his sperm count.  Below are some of his fertility-boosting practices:

He moved to a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley, which has higher than normal male fertility levels.

He avoids the sun by getting outside work done before the sun rises.  If he has to go outside during daylight hours, he wears full-body covering.

When outside, he wears a face mask to filter fumes from automobiles.

He wears loose pants to maintain a cool groin temperature.

He drinks 2 fertility smoothies a day that contain berries, natural sugars and nuts.

He performs fertility exercises such as jogging and lifting weights.

He performs all sperm donations at his home so that women can receive the freshest sperm source possible.  He also allows them to perform insemination at his home.

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