How to pay for fertility treatments


Fertility treatments can eat through a couples’ savings quicker than expected.  With an average IVF cycle running $12,000 and surrogacy nearly six-figures, it doesn’t take long to rack up a hefty bill.

For couples looking for ways to help pay for fertility treatments, check out these suggestions:

Use your OB.  Check with your OB to see if they offer any fertility services.  Some physicians may perform simpler treatments such as artificial insemination.  Also, get as much blood work and diagnostic testing done at your OB as possible to help cut costs.

Know your insurance policy.  Contact your health insurance company to find out exactly what fertility treatments they cover.  Depending on what state you live in, they may be required to cover the costs of some treatments.

Talk to family.  Parents or grandparents may be willing to help financially support fertility treatments.  An added benefit is a decrease to their estate to avoid additional tax penalties.

Use loans.  Some clinics offer loans or payment programs to help cover the costs of fertility treatments.  Make sure to shop around in order to find competitive interest rates.

Look for grants.  Depending on your financial situation, you may be eligible for income-dependent grants available to couples who can’t afford fertility treatments.

Look into discount programs.  Some clinics offer IVF packages that provide a bulk discount for buying multiple treatments at one time.

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