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The philosophy of a doctor’s medical practice is a key component in guiding his or her career. We have found that providing quality health care in a comfortable and non-threatening environment is an important first step.

Seeking care from a physician is a difficult process for anyone, and must be facilitated in the best way possible. We must provide an educational and patient empowering experience to allow our patients to become an active participant in their health care.

Patients need to better understand their health options in order to make critical medical decisions. No longer is it acceptable for a physician to “tell the patient what to do,” rather we must provide and inform couples of their options in order for them to make sound health care choices. This must include the risks, benefits, expected outcomes and costs of each choice. We must also have empathy for our patients and understand the difficulties, including physical, emotional, social and financial, and only in this way can we provide patient empowering health care.

Our Mission here at the CNY Fertility Center is to provide comprehensive reproductive services in a compassionate, honest and friendly environment.

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