fertility news July 28th, 2014

Radical trachelectomy may preserve fertility while treating cervical cancer

Young women with early-stage cervical cancer who would like to preserve their fertility may have an option using radical…more 

High rates of multiples a result of non-IVF fertility treatments


Over the past 50 years, fertility treatments have created a surge in multiples pregnancies that are dangerous for both…more 

Egg donors cautioned against donating more than 6 times


Women who donate their eggs for infertile couples receive a hefty sum for their donation – usually between $8,000…more 

Brussels sprouts may boost fertility


Brussels sprouts are the nutrient-dense green vegetables that look like miniature cabbages.  Some people may have an aversion to…more 

IVF is no longer the primary cause of multiples births


A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that fertility drugs, not IVF are to…more 

Men should include these vitamins to improve fertility


For couples trying to conceive, it may be beneficial for men to work these components into their diet:  …more 

Experts aim to lower multiples pregnancy rates


For some couples struggling with infertility, the idea of twins is exciting.  “Two for the price of one” and…more 

Try these lifestyle changes to boost fertility


Infertility is a complex disease that often doesn’t have a simple treatment plan.  However, a number of studies have…more 

Do you have these 10 fertility-damaging habits


If you’re trying to conceive, it may be beneficial to make some simple lifestyle changes to help boost your…more 

Belgian ART policy serves its purpose


Researchers out of the Leuven University Fertility Centre recently examined the changes in newborn delivery rates as a result…more