Susan Sarandon ruffles the feathers of women with infertility

Actress Susan Sarandon has offended some women with her off-hand comment regarding infertility. While detailing her struggle with infertility due to endometriosis, she told an audience that if you want to conceive, “Go to Italy… Don’t worry about it, eat, drink and **** and you’ll probably get pregnant. And that’s what happened with Eva on the Spanish Steps.”

Her attitude is reminiscent of the “just relax and you’ll get pregnant” outlook that some fertile women have when trying to console their infertile friends.

Though probably spoken in innocence at trying to console a struggling woman, women dealing with infertility don’t want to hear that their condition has such an obvious, simple cure.

Women struggling with infertility may have struggled for years with fertility treatments and stress-reducing activities and still can’t become pregnant.  It’s demeaning for an infertility neophyte to suggest that she knows what’s best.

The fact is, infertility can be caused by a number of factors.  Of course, stress can be one component.  However, there genetics, lifestyle, and anatomical difficulties can also play a role.

The complexity of infertility should not be carved down to “just relax and it will happen.”  Mostly, couples struggling with infertility need an understanding ear from their fertile friends.