Doctors recommend this fertility-boosting diet

Joseph Walsh, M.D., chief of obstetrics at UConn Health Center lists his recommendations for a fertility-promoting diet:

Calcium.  Get 3 servings a day to help foster bone development and maintain adequate amounts for muscle contraction and nervous system function.  Calcium can be found in milk, cheese, broccoli, soy products and leafy green vegetables.

Manganese. Important for reproductive health, manganese can be found in spinach, carrots, whole grains, nuts and bananas.

Zinc.  Zinc is beneficial for both men and women.  Find it in meats, almonds, yogurt, eggs, and cooked shellfish.

Pomegranate and pumpkin seeds.  These foods in addition to other produce can help increase male fertility.

No caffeine.  Caffeine may increase miscarriage rates.

No smoking.  Smoking can affect sperm health and female fertility.

No alcohol.  Alcohol can lead to birth defects.