Israel promotes fertility via assisted reproduction

The nation of Israel feels a strong responsibility to promote the growth of its people to ensure long-term stability of its heritage. Surprisingly, the government takes this responsibility to great lengths by spending $60 million a year on publicly funded fertility treatments.

Israel is even considered the IVF capital of the world by many, due to its high rates of IVF per capita, which amounts to 3,842 rounds of IVF for every million people.  For comparison, the U.S. rate is 475 rounds for every million people.

These high rates are probably the result of government-supported fertility incentives, including tax-funded oocyte cryopreservation until the age of 54 for all women.

The courts have further supported this national promotion of fertility by strongly supporting the rights of all citizens to reproduce.

For example, the assassin of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was given the right to reproduce from his jail cell and parents of a dead son allowed to extract sperm from his body to create posthumous grand-children.

Israel’s interventionist policies are now carrying over to childbirth decisions, including new regulations restricting home births.

Opponents have suggested that the government is treating childbirth as a “public good” and stripping birth of its personal, private nature.